“You must give the artistic director Eric Parness credit for (choosing) a contemporary play that resonates with our cultural moment… it's the overall excellence of the acting that really makes (it) catch fire.” CurtainUp.com

"Admirable… Ms. Lazarus’s clever adaptation is smoothly suited to our times." New York Times

Villainous Company

“Director Eric Parness [presents] a good old-fashioned nail-biter, which he does with magnificent grace.” Theatermania.com

 “Eric Parness directs with quiet menace.” Huffington Post

 “Splendid acting [under] Eric Parness's polished directing make for a delectable evening.” Upstage/Downstage

North to Maine

“Directed with tremendous skill and acuity by Eric Parness... a thrilling, exhilarating, and highly moving theatrical experience.” NYTheatre.com

The Truth Quotient

“Director Eric Parness is a genius at maneuvering the thoroughly talented cast through the exponentially-growing conflicts of this story.” NYTheatre.com

“Thought-provoking… well-paced by Parness… a strong, nuanced performance.” Associated Press

The Starship Astrov

“Under the direction of Eric Parness, this group soars. Parness directs the show with such specific attention to period style that the result is hilarious… Parness keeps the show moving when it needs to and draws out certain moments, almost winking at the audience with the slowness of certain famous Chekhovian scenes.”
Broadway World

“A play delightfully directed by Eric Parness that will tickle your funny bone.” The Happiest Medium

The Master Builder

“Eric Parness has honored the late Ibsen… Beautifully directed with heartfelt investment, it begs for attention”
Best of Off-Broadway

“Eric Parness has directed a deeply moving and surprisingly accessible production.” Visible Soul

 “(Parness) provides intelligent and smooth direction to his very capable cast.” Queer New York

Embraceable Me

“Succinct direction by Eric Parness moves this eternal courtship along with just the right amount of time progression and friendly storytelling.” Electronic Link Journey

“As deftly staged by Eric Parness, this play presents characters who are both ideal and real.” Arts a la mode

“As directed by Eric Parness, the transitions from monologue to scene are seamless and never feel forced or clumsy.” Charlotte Observer

Reflections: An Evening of Short Plays

“Helmed adroitly by Resonance Ensemble’s artistic director Eric Parness, the program is diverse and inventive.” New York Press

“Eric Parness has his hand on the playwright's pulse, slowing and quickening the execution to suit each piece.” Stage and Cinema

23 Knives

“Strong direction by Eric Parness, who keeps the performance lively and well paced.” Columbia Spectator

“Director Eric Parness lets the play feel its way through the comedic and tragic elements with simple but effective staging.” Broadway World

Sherlock Solo

“Director Eric Parness guides Cahn through a delightful performance that is also challenging and rich with entertainment.” New Theatre Corps

The Mail Order Bride

“Director Eric Parness coaxes absurd, over-the-top humor from his talented ensemble.” Backstage

“Director Eric Parness nicely builds the play to its absurdly farcical final pages.” NYTheatre.com

Crazy for the Dog

“The play’s best quality is the outstanding direction of Eric Parness, who has cast the ensemble well and paced the show effectively.” Backstage

“Director Eric Parness and his able cast oblige Boal with a taut and vigorous production.” The Village Voice

“Eric Parness directs with an eye for visual stimulation.” New York Times

“Eric Parness’ taut direction keeps the ugly emotions boiling, creating a believably unsteady atmosphere where anything could happen.” Lighting and Sound America

“Eric Parness’s direction is tasteful and subtle; there is no heavy-handedness and not a forced move in the piece. I look forward to seeing more of this talented director.” NYTheatre.com

La Tempestad

“Director Eric Parness guides everyone to physical perfs that crackle with life.” Variety

“Under the direction of Eric Parness, the resulting exchanges between Mr. Jewett and Mr. Ware crackle.” 
New York Times

Measure for Measure

“Eric Parness’ direction is refreshingly brisk and to the point.” NYTheatre.com

The Lower Depths

“As adapted and staged by artistic director Eric Parness it’s a revelation… Bravo to Parness.” NYTheatre.com

Of Mice and Men

“First rate production… director Eric Parness has the smarts to present the play as Steinbeck intended… a magnificent revival.” Show Business Weekly


“The fail-safe subject matter, the gripping production, and the superb performances justified that kind of intense audience absorption… It is to director Eric Parness’s credit that Zimmerman remained dignified… thanks to its intensely focused production and its universal, perhaps timeless, theme.” OOBR


“Parness emphasizes King Creon’s obsession with national security at all costs—how his hard-line defense of ‘freedom’ is edging his country toward disaster. Remind you of anybody?” Show Business Weekly